The new pop culture fad since the end of the last decade

Comic book movies have become the new pop culture fad since the end of the last decade. There were comic book movies before the like of Iron Man and The Dark Knight, but none were particularly stellar until Spider-Man 2, and even then they weren’t very consistent. Comic book heroes and villain’s big cross over territory was generally video games, with hundreds of title spanning 8 console generations. The bar for what a “good” comic book game is was consistently raised over the year, and even though they aren’t as popular as they used to be, these comic book games will stand the test of time.

2013’s Deadpool game was a labor of love for everyone involved. High Moon’s Sean Miller is a big fan of the character and always wanted to make a game based on the him, but didn’t want to do it without the right elements in place. Those elements being Deadpool writer Daniel Way and voice actor Nolan North, who plays the character in pretty much every other video game staring the Merc with a Mouth. The game itself is a rather generic hack and slash, but there’s a palpable appreciation for the source material in every inch of the title. It’s funny and frantic and had a lot of sequel potential, but tepid sales (by Activision standards) really put the brakes to that. Also, the Marvel’s publishing agreement with the company ran up without being renewed, causing it and other games to be removed from digital marketplaces. It’s since been restored to Steam, but it’s hard to sell a game that isn’t on the shelf.

The Hugh Jackman Effect is probably the only factor in the anomaly that makes Wolverine movies keep happening. The Wolverine was an awkward movie that was mostly forgettable, but still all around better than the movie before it, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Oddly enough, the silver lining of that travesty of a movie was the tie in game it produced. A straight forward hack n slash ala God of War, putting you in the shoes of a formative Wolverine was great fun.  It was also extremely violent and full of naughty language, which was actually perfect for the character. It also elaborated on some of the movies plot points, allowing a bit more story to leak in here and there, as well as provide big set piece moments that the movie never achieved, like dismembering a Sentinel prototype as its being launched into the atmosphere.