The most iconic cities in fantasy literature to life

A group of intrepid nerds have organized an Indiegogo campaign to bring one of the most iconic cities in fantasy literature to life. Peter Jackson’s version of Minas Tirith would make for a most impressive living experience. Can you imagine the block parties? Thing is, video games know a thing or two about creating fascinating and wonderful cityscapes that inspire our curiosity and imagination, and there are many of them that I would definitely choose to have residence in over the capital of Gondor.

Treno is a city of perpetual night, and it is one of the most cultured and diverse spots in all of Final Fantasy 9. There’s a huge art community there, with street performers and painters littering pretty much every available sidewalk. There’s a pronounced criminal element, but let’s focus on the good, here!

This submerged city-state on the bottom of the ocean was supposed to be a land of opportunity. A place unhindered by societal pressures, Rapture quickly became a city of discovery and revolution. Quickly after that, it become a ghost town rife with death and addiction. Oops.

Based heavily on New Orleans, New Marias is the Gulf of Mexico city that Cole ends up in after the events of the first Infamous. New Marias is like the French Quarter of NOLA, but across an entire city – which is both exciting and overwhelming for anyone who’s been to Frenchmen Street on a weekend.

Val Royeaux is an impressive city, architecturally speaking. Its buildings and streets are intricately molded, gilded with gold, and draped with grand tapestries. It’s the religious seat of Theadas – the Vatican of the game, if you will – and is also the epicenter of much of the intellectual progress that happens in the country. Too bad most of its residents are jerks.