Couple of very important choices

A new Pokemon game is on the horizon, which means you have a couple of very important choices to make. On November 18th, do you play Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon? Which starting Pokemon do you choose to help shepherd you through the new Alola region? I can’t really help you with the first question, but maybe the following information can help you narrow down the choices between starting Pokemon.

The owl Pokemon, Rowlet, is the second starting Pokemon that is mixed type, following Bulbasaur’s lead. Both Grass and Flying, it is somewhat of a oddity, considering Grass is weak to Flying. Rowlet isn’t the only Pokemon in the series that has this peculiar mix; at least five other Pokemon gain the benefits (and weaknesses) of being Grass/Flying. The young bird uses its feathers as razor-sharp weapons, throwing them with pinpoint accuracy.


Grass-types are known for their great support abilities like Leech Seed and Spore, and their Attack and Special Attack stats tend to be on the high side. Flying-types usually become among the fastest Pokemon in the game, with super high Speed stats and above average Attack and Special Attack stats. Flying abilities can also hit any target in Triple Battles, which is incredibly useful. Unfortunately, Grass-types tend to have the most weaknesses in the game, and like other Grass/Flying types, Rowlet is highly susceptible to Flying-type attacks. They usually have reliable raw defense numbers, though, and you’ll be needing them. You’ll encounter plenty of Flying, Bug and Poison-type Pokemon who can put a hurting on Grass-types.


Another great bonus for mixed Pokemon is the pool of abilities you have to choose from when considering STAB, or Same Type Attack Bonus. When you attack with an ability type that matches your Pokemon’s type, the attack is more effective. With two types to draw from, Rowlet has a wide selection of moves to benefit from. As a starter Pokemon, trainers will be able to take advantage of this bonus early, since Rowlet will know Leafage immediately.


Rowlet evolves into Dartrix, a more regal, full grown avian creature. It retains its Grass/Flying type, but also seems to gain more of an attitude in its evolutionary adolescence. Apparently, it can get distracted by how disheveled its feathers get during battle and actually leave combat out of vanity! Be sure to bring your best compliments to battle, along with those Potions.


Its final evolution is Decidueye. Oddly, it sheds its Flying status, gaining Ghost-type instead. This may have something to do with the fact that it can move around without enemies being aware of its presence, firing arrow quills from its coat from the darkness. Cooler still, the Ghost-type comes with its own special, Decidueye-exclusive move, Spirit Shackle, which prevents Pokemon from fleeing or being switched out by trainers. If you’re willing to ride out the bummer of being a Grass-type Pokemon with many weaknesses, Decidueye is definitely worth the investment.