Best Metal Gear Bosses

One of the most prolific and influential video game series comes to an assumed end next week. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain promises to shed light on┬áBig Boss’s transformation from war hero to mythic shadow militia leader. The long and complex story has spanned consoles and generations, each game compelling and effective in their on respects. Taken as a whole, the series’ consistent high points have always been the incredibly thorough boss encounters that punctuate the narrative.


Metal Gear bosses are a different breed of crazy. They often challenge players in ways the game proper hasn’t before and serve as platforms for to showcase the games stranger antagonists, with the best among them creating a ludonarrative nugget of gaming excellence. These are the best of those. Warning: There will be spoilers.

This Brazilian-born swordsman was met with tragedy at a young age and would be pulled into the world of blood and revenge early. Sam saw Raiden as a sort of parallel of one another after their first encounter, and he spent the remainder of their combative relationship attempting to goad Raiden into embracing his inner killing machine. Raiden eventually gives in, and despite their final encounter being a straight-forward slug fest, the emotional resonance was palpable.

For the most part, Metal Gear Solid 4’s bosses were more homages to boss fights passed than wholly new experiences in and of themselves. What makes the return to Shadow Moses so fufilling then, is how the end of that chapter takes concepts from the past and breathes new and exciting life into them. Up until this point, Metal Gears were bipedal monstrosities who only served as targets for your Nikita missiles. This fight had you at the helm of your very own device of militaristic overabundance, as you finally got to square off with Liquid Ocelot – in his own Metal Gear, of course. The rock-em, sock-em laser fest that ensues is the perfect encapsulation of everything MGS stands for.

What made the second coming of Vulcan Raven such a dangerous fight was how completely indomitable he was in open combat. If you didn’t stick to cover, he would destroy you without much effort. In a game where you spent most of the time being out-gunned and out-manned, Raven found a way to make you even more vulnerable. By the skin of your teeth – and with a Dollar Menu of explosives – is the only way to take down this juggernaut of both body and spirit.

What’s worse than one Metal Gear? Many Metal Gears. There’s already a great deal of pressure when if comes to fighting the newer, more agile, amphibious Metal Gear RAY, who moves faster and is more accurate than its dense and stocky counterpart. When they attack in a seemingly endless string, the stress turns into nervous break down. Say what your want about pre-bionic Raiden, but he earned his keep in this fight.