A Magical Apocalypse in ELEX

The limitless power of Elex once threatened to annihilate mankind, but now the mysterious element might just hold the key to humanity’s survival. It falls to you to decide whether the terrible toll its use will inflict is worth it.


ELEX is a massive new science-fantasy RPG from the makers of Gothic and Risen, which challenges you to pick up the pieces and forge a new path for a society reeling from the brink of apocalypse.


Four factions vie for supremacy in the broken world, each with their own ideas of what the power of Elex means. The Albs believe the element is theirs by right, and consume it to increase their power at the cost of their humanity — but who has room for emotion when it’s time to conquer the weak? The Berserkers transform Elex into pure Mana, turning the ruined wastes into verdant new woodlands.


Yet for the Clerics residing in the volcanic ruins where the world-shattering meteor first struck, the answer lies not in combining Elex with life, but in using it to power their technology and industry. And amid the squabbles between these factions, the Outlaws seek to forge their own path, free from the doctrines of the others.


Finding yourself separated from the Elex that forged your powers, you’re forced to confront emotions for the first time — and the choices you’ll make will determine the shape of humanity for the foreseeable future. ELEX leaves it to you to choose a faction and make your way through a massive open world. Every region is open to you from the start, and as you make new allies and forge new alliances, you’ll face a variety of fiendish foes with the help of a massive array of weapons ranging from swords and bows, to plasma rifles and flamethrowers.