A juggernaut for any hero based game

Release a hero shooter in 2017, and it’s bound to be compared to Overwatch. It’s simply an inevitability. Blizzard’s FPS is too much of a juggernaut for any hero-based game following in its footsteps to avoid the comparison.


Such is the case with LawBreakers, released earlier this month on Steam and PlayStation 4. The hero-based, multiplayer-only FPS from Boss Key Productions has been compared to Overwatch almost from the beginning.


From its cast of larger-than-life characters to their ultimate abilities and the game’s loot boxes, there are definitely some apt comparisons to be made between the two shooters. There are also a number of major differences that set the two games apart, in terms of everything from game mechanics to the wider universe each title occupies. Here are some areas in which LawBreakers and Overwatch find common ground — as well as some of the elements that make each experience unique.

A hero-based shooter is hardly deserving of the name if it lacks heroes to play as, and it’s here whereLawbreakers and Overwatch find the most common ground (at least on the surface). Nearly every character in Blizzard’s Overwatch has become an immediately recognizable piece of videogame iconography, and while the hero roster in LawBreakers isn’t nearly as charming or memorable, there are a few standouts.


Maverick, for instance, sets herself apart with a look and attitude straight out of the film Top Gun, while the reprogrammed security bot Nash shines by only being able to communicate via violence-oriented quotes from popular culture.

In a major departure from OverwatchLawBreakers actually features two heroes for each of the game’s roles, depending on which team the player finds themselves on. Fans of the Vanguard class will play as Maverick while on the side of the Law, but play as Toska-9 when on the Breakers team. It’s a nice touch that keeps LawBreakers grounded in its own universe, as opposed to playing a match in Overwatch, where archenemies Soldier: 76 and Reaper can be seen fighting side by side.